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National Curriculum Assessments


As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, there are no formal SATS results for the End of the Academic Year 2019/20. Our official, standing SATS results are as published below, from the 2018/19 Academic Year.

During the Summer Term, 2019, Year 2 children at Edith Cavell Primary School undertook the end of Key Stage Teacher Assessment Tasks in English, Mathematics and Science. The results were as follows:-

2019Teacher Assessment     
44 children% at or above EXS% at GDS
RWM56.540.9 6.40 

EXS = Working at the Expected Standard for the year group

GDS = Working at Greater Depth Standard for the year group

RWM = Combined Reading, Writing and Mathematics


These collective results represented what each of our children attained on a particular day during the Summer Term 2019. Some factors influencing the attainment would have been:-

Intellectual ability, number of terms in full-time education, ability to concentrate, teacher input, maturity level, pre-school educational provision e.g. Nursery, and performance on the day.