• Phone : 01234 345636
  • Opening Time : 8:45am - 3:40pm
  • Address : Manton Lane, Bedford, MK41 7NH

Miss Cooke


Mrs Stanton

Assistant Headteacher & SENCO

Miss Cherry

Little Treasures Pre-School

Mrs Wibberly

Amber Class W

Mr Chorley

Jade Class

Mrs O’Dell

Aquamarine Class

Mrs Fowler

Garnet Class

Miss Martin

Opal Class

Mr Parks

Pearl Class


Miss Hibbert

Amber Class H

Miss Bondon

Emerald Class

Miss Tolley

Sapphire Class

Miss Dakin

Ruby Class

Mr Mortimer

Quartz Class

Teaching Assistants

Little Treasures: Miss Viglione and Miss Brown

Reception Class: Mrs Payne, Mrs Spoor. Mrs Kaur-Singh

Emerald Class:  Mrs Nichols, Mrs Stoch, Mrs Hutchings, Mrs Toner

Jade Class: Mrs Hartley

Aquamarine Class: Mrs Pearce

Sapphire Class: Miss Wright & Mrs Pearce

Ruby Class: Miss Wright & Mrs Chilienco

Garnet Class: Miss Clark

Quartz Class: Mrs Rahman

Opal Class: Miss Nice & Miss Donald

Pearl Class: Mrs Day & Miss Nice

Safeguarding Deputy: Mrs Cavill & Mrs Dennis

Family Support Worker: Mrs Pearce

Site and Office Staff

Mrs L Campbell – Business and Finance Manager

 Mrs K Jeeves- Business Support Officer

Mrs S White – School Secretary

Mrs K Griffin – Clerical Assistant

Mr M Shehu – Site Manager


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Toner

Mrs Bowering, Miss Chilienco, Miss Spoor, Mrs Jeeves, Mrs Egbochuka, Mrs Narbutaite, Mrs Kaur, Mrs Russell, Mrs Begum, Mrs Papworth, Mrs Maseer, Mrs Hutchings 


Employee Salary Information (earnings over £100k per annum)

Schools are required to publish salary information on employees earning over £100,000 per annum.

There are no employees earning over £100,000 per annum.