• Phone : 01234 345636
  • Opening Time : 8:45am - 3:40pm
  • Address : Manton Lane, Bedford, MK41 7NH

Our Ethos and Vision


We aim to provide an enriched and challenging curriculum, with an emphasis on securing basic skills and a passion for learning.


Create a supportive ethos which is tangible to those who enter the school.​


Aim to provide excellence across teaching and learning.

Overcome Challenges

Target potential by challenging expectations of achievement.

Raising Standards

Raising standards and reflecting our high expectations through an exciting, challenging and happy learning environment.*


At Edith Cavell Primary School the staff, governors and parents are committed to providing a happy, ambitious and stimulating environment. All learners are nurtured to achieve their full potential and develop a love and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

High expectation within a progressive, stimulating and enriching curriculum ensures all leaners are safe, valued and diversity is celebrated, therefore Learning is Fun!

Children’s Statement: Learning is fun!


The core values that a school implicitly displays in its day to day activities and explicitly model, teach and reinforce are the standards that underpin the ethos of the school to benefit and develop the whole school community.

With a true partnership between parents, children, staff and governors these values are promoted and upheld. The core values that underpin the ethos of Edith Cavell are:


Helping children to respect themselves & others


Telling the truth, being just and unbiased


Aim to instil integrity, confidence & reliability


Caring for others and for the themselves


Learning about undertsanding, patience & acceptance


Taking & showing responsibility to empower children

British Values

Edith Cavell Primary School is committed to preparing children to become active and valued members of society. The aim of teaching British Values, both explicitly and implicitly is to allow children to develop a sense of community and begin to understand their responsibilities and role within it. These values are taught through our broad, balanced and enriched curriculum. The School Behaviour Policy helps to ensure that children practise key learning behaviours that support the school’s vision to create valued members of our community.


British Values