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Lui – Lockdown Blog

Corona-Virus Lockdown Diary

At first I felt excited because I wasn’t going to school but then I realised that because I didn’t have school and I couldn’t see people we didn’t have much to do however, we did a lot things; we made a bowling game from a carnival .First we cut out circles in a piece of wood and made them different points then we laid it on a chair rolled boules over it to score points with each hole being a different score and the person with the highest score being the winner. Something else we made was a nerf target; so we used a box for the base and toilet tubes for the target holder, then we put toy balls on the tubes and tried to knock them off with a nerf gun [one of your choice]. We also made a giant snakes and ladders game, we cut matches and pipe cleaners [beware my parents used a very strong glue!].We also made a pop the balloon game [where you throw darts at balloons] which was really fun.

Personally, I think that although Lockdown wasn’t made for fun, I’ve had more fun with my family than ever before.

My birthday is on the 18th of May so it may be during Lockdown as well as my sibling’s. Before my birthday I was looking forward to it more than ever, not just because I was turning 10 but I could spend it with my family, because if we weren’t on Lockdown I would be in school and my dad would be at work so I wouldn’t be able to spend as much time with them if Lockdown and Corona-Virus wasn’t a thing so I am grateful that I even got the opportunity to spend this time with family.