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Life In Lockdown, by Tenzing


The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus is a virus that can kill you!! This virus affects the whole world.. It’s a Pandemic!!! Although, if you have become contaminated by this virus and you are very healthy you can most likely survive. During this pandemic all shops are closed, but shops like Tesco, Aldi, Morrisons, etc, etc that sell essential stuff are still open for people. In lockdown people have to stay at home. But key workers [front line workers] are allowed to go to work so they can help during this pandemic and because of that, their children can go to school. Key workers are doctors, nurses, police, firemen, super market workers etc, etc. They are the ones that are risking their life for ours, so I would like to say Thank You to them, WE should say Thank You to them. And if the key worker has a child and can’t look after them because they are busy, the school is open for their children.


How I feel about the pandemic?


I feel very nervous and scared about this pandemic because, one: my mum and dad work at the hospital and I don’t want them to become contaminated by the virus. Two: people keep dying because of it. I just wish it could stop in the blink of an eye. When I listen to the news, I just think to myself when is this going to stop? What will it take to stop this and how many more people are going to die because of this pandemic?


What I do at home?


At home I do several things like: playing in the garden with my mum or dad [when there’s good weather], read books, play my violin, play on the computer, go shopping with my mum and dad [with P.P.E.], do my homework tasks, watch T.V., draw, sing, play with my toys, dance, cook with my mum and mess about. So I do a lot of things!! I also made thank you posters for the NHS and my mum took them to work to display on her ward.



My message to everybody is to stay at home, follow the government rules, have fun at home and finally, stay safe.