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Freya – My Lockdown Life


My last day at school was Friday 20th March, a day I will never forget as it was my sister’s 7th birthday.  Weeks earlier we had booked to go to Cadburys world for a birthday treat on Saturday 21st March, but it got cancelled which was very annoying because I was looking forward to eating a lot of chocolate.

Things have changed quite a bit because of lockdown; I can’t go to school, Mummy and Daddy have become our teachers. We are not allowed to go to the park or visit others and because we miss our family, we do video calls which I like very much. I also call and video call some of my friends which I enjoy. I cannot wait to see all my friends when lockdown is over.

To keep busy, I have been doing lots of fun things like playing with my stuff, baking cakes, going out for walks in the countryside and watching 5 minute crafts. I really like trying them out! I have also found a new interest-photography. I really enjoy taking pictures on our walks.

The other day we went out for a big walk and Mummy packed us a snack which we ate in a bunker on a golf course. We would never have been able to do this if there was not a lockdown, it was really cool.

On Friday Ophelia popped round with her Mum to bring us some vegetable seeds to plant in our new veggie patch. It was strange to see her and not be able to go near her and play together but nice to see somebody who I actually knew.  I am really looking forward to watching all the vegetables grow and pulling up carrots when they are ready.

So far there has been positives and negatives to this lockdown but I cannot wait for the world to get back to normal and to go back to school!!