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Aniqah’s Lockdown Blog

In quarantine it has been boring so far. It will also probably stay like that until quarantine is over. I’ve done things like baking cakes, and on the topic of cake the day before the day I’m writing this was my mum’s birthday! We made a sponge cake with chocolate icing and a LOT of sprinkles. It was tasty.

Before when the weather was actually nice and not cold, I used to go cycling with my dad who would run along with me. On that topic one day I met a boy in a batman costume on a bike. I was minding my business, riding on my bike when I see a boy that fell over on his bike, who looked around 8, wearing a batman costume. He talked to me which was a surprise and then I started cycling away when it got awkward.

On the same route that day I started a mental race with a younger girl. Here’s how it went down. I was riding my bike and I saw a girl in front of me with a pink helmet and I decided that I’d try over take her, and I did, obviously. So, then I heard her bike going faster, and I knew it had become a race. Also bear in mind that we said nothing to each other but we got the same message: It. Was. ON. So, we kept on cycling and obviously, I won. We still said nothing to each other. I also met batman boy on my last round and he dared to race me. I won. Obviously. Also, before quarantine a girl who also had a pink helmet raced me as well. I don’t know why but I think girls with pink helmets have a problem with me. Or they’re really competitive. I hope it’s the second one, I just do.

I also did things like table tennis, which I mastered, and I did more guitar which I haven’t really mastered, I helped my dad straighten his bent credit card that he forgot to take out his coat pocket which went in to the wash, I’ve done homework, things like that. I won’t get into any of it though. I’ve painted stuff on paint caps. A bit confusing, I know. I made the rainbows that everyone is putting on their windows and I stuck mine ones on the living room window which people would see, if they weren’t inside for most of the day. I hope some people saw it. I don’t know what else to type so I think that’s it. Hope you all survive the next however many weeks inside! 😊