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Quartz – Walking Charter

Quart – Walking Charter

We all walked to Bedford Park with Livingston School. Two people from Sustrans met us there and told us a little challenge. The challenge was that we picked up twigs, branches, leaves, stones and other loose things that we could find and turn them into something that represents  walking to school to us. They mixed both schools together and then picked teams. We successfully finished this challenge. All different teams did different things. Then they added a different challenge … make a giant person out of natural things. This challenge was easy because one team did a person so we just enlarged it. I enjoyed these challenges. Meanwhile 1 boy and 1 girl of our class (Elsa and Orlando) put their bare feet on the Walking Charter. We were the first school to do this; the first school to walk to school and say that we did.

By Jesser (Quartz Class)