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Roman Roads – Garnet Class

Roman Roads – Garnet Class

Hey there! How are you all doing? Let’s begin Garnet’s first ever blog post! This blog is all about Romans, and last week we TRIED to build our own Roman roads after we had learnt about them in our topic lessons.

The whole of GARNET class lined up merrily to go outside. Amelia gripped onto the blood red tray with her bendy fingers, and we collected as many stones, sticks and branches as we could to create our Roman roads. We knew that Roman roads were often higher in the middle with ditches around them so that water could drain down the sides, so we tried to include this in our designs.

We had to make sure that the roads were straight as Romans built straight roads to help them travel quickly. This wasn’t very easy to do! It really tested our teamwork skills. It was such a fun and exciting lesson and we are proud of our roads! We felt like real Roman soldiers!

By Hooriya and Maja.